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New collection of Artur Kaliński paintings

Napisane przez  Press team of ArturKaliński.com Warszawa czwartek, 04 wrzesień 2014

Polish artist, graphic designer and painter Artur Kaliński painted a series of paintings "Shadow and light gold" under the title "Women's shapes". Eight paintings painted with pure gold, within a limited collection, shows the beauty of the female silhouette in a very minimalist way. 


Artur KalinskiBefore the collection of paintings was completed, it was preceded by many hours of work both in a photo studio as well as at the easel and in the studio of a goldsmith. Specific works were inspired from photographs. These paintings express a fascination with the shape of the female body and its natural beauty.

Artur Kaliński decided to capture the beauty of the form by contrasting deep shadows and lights perfectly flowing over the characteristic elements of the feminine silhouette ie the legs, buttocks, hips, breasts and hands. Paintings are painted with quick, sweeping brushstrokes, with thick paint, which gives the image the ideal spatial structure. So the viewer feels like disappearing in the dark, slightly dim glow of gold, with some parts of the image hidden behind a black, opaque curtain. But a curtain so delicate that the material clearly breaks down at the convex parts of the body, thereby facilitating inquisitive viewers to decipher the partially hidden intentions of the author.

- I do not feel the need to over-focus on the details of the female body. I believe that a careful viewer will find the rest of the image in a manner that they consider most appropriate and consistent with their experiences, ideas and culture from which they originate. I realize that in this way some of my paintings can be considered bold in their very erotic presentation, and by others to be very subdued and almost prudish, says Artur Kaliński. The aim of the artist is to show in his paintings pieces of reality, and to introduce to the viewer a space of conjecture, encouraging his imagination to run and finally be able to see the full picture of a woman.

The first collection will be enjoyed by the artist's good friends and by collectors of modern art from the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Russia. Then the collection enters the European market.


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