Installation of the artist and performer Artur Kalinski, titled "Sleeping Beauties" has been qualified by the jury for the second stage of the international competition of contemporary art "Fifth Contemporary Art Show," which takes place in Treviso, Italy. It's a big success, given that the competition involved artists from all over the world.


Artur Kalinski is the only Pole who takes part in the competition. From 5 to 13 September 2015 the artist will present the official biennial work, with dimensions 100x140cm, from his latest collection "The essence of femininity".

The author in his characteristic way shows the beauty of a woman. Two naked bodies of women lying side by side, seemingly have nothing in common. On the contrary they are strangers, because are facing in opposite directions. However, looking at the work, you will find that they are bound by a supernatural force that causes they constitute oneness. Some kind of an understatement, yet the uniqueness and originality of the installation have been noticed and appreciated by highly qualified professionals in the field of art.

- "Sleeping Beauties" is an installation other than any I've ever created. As I previously announced it is more proven and more complex than previous images. When I received an invitation to participate in such a prestigious show, I thought it is appropriate to show just this work, which is also the culmination of my current research the correlation between form and content included in a subtle veil of noble metal. Participation in this edition of "The Contemporary Art Show '' is for me a very unique event, because in this way, my art has a chance to appear not only in private collections but also in open space available to a wider audience, says Artur Kalinski.

Work on the installation took place in several stages. After selecting the appropriate models artist he casted forms that covered with black paint and then with pure gold. This precious metal plays a very important role in his work. It is a symbol of beauty and perfection. The method of gold flakes application emphasizes the uniqueness and smoothness of feminine shapes. They are shown in detail.

"The Contemporary Art Show"  has taken place for 4 years and is the result of collaboration Artica Events of Ca'dei Carraresi - the most significant museum in Treviso. The competition involved artists from more than 20 countries and every year it attracts nearly 2.5 thousand visitors who wish to view the competition entries. It is a place for the presentation of new styles, techniques and talented new faces in the artistic world.

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Woman in color 'blue' - the new edition…

Written by Press team of ArturKaliń mercredi, 04 mars 2015

Artur Kalinski, Polish artist, photographer and performer, painted a continuation of "BlueMotion", with  11  new images using only two colors. They represent the feminine silhouette in blue and white colors.

Polish artist in defense of Russian art and freedom of expression!

Written by Press team of ArturKaliń jeudi, 23 octobre 2014


In protest against the hypocrisy of the Russian government and the lack of freedom of expression in the Russian environment of art and culture, Polish artist Artur Kaliński painted a picture of the "Angel of Death" and handed him personally to a representative of the Russian Embassy in Poland. In his appeal, he called on the president of Russia to respect freedom of expression.

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