Woman in color 'blue' - the new edition…

Written by  Press team of ArturKaliń K2_CITY Wednesday, 04 March 2015

Artur Kalinski, Polish artist, photographer and performer, painted a continuation of "BlueMotion", with  11  new images using only two colors. They represent the feminine silhouette in blue and white colors.



The artist once again turned away from the noble metal, which is gold, to bring out the depth of the female body. This time, the images are a bit bolder thanks to the full shapes of the models. The intense contrast between the deep black background and a clear composition gives the impression that the form is suspended in a vacuum, which adds to the aura of uniqueness and mystery.

Fun with two colors - blue and white  -- allows creation of  the female shape. Despite using only two colors, the artist is able to fully bring out the light that flows around the most distinctive feminine attributes. Similarly, as in the case of using the technique with gold, the artist does not give too much attention to details and focuses primarily on the play of light. Looking at Kalinski’s images, the viewer has the feeling that he observes the world through blue glasses. A strong, often careless brush stroke if only from a distance allows him to see individual details. This is reminiscent of the style used by neoimpresionists. This is a somewhat more primitive form that uses only two colors, but it is also as interesting and fascinating as in the nineteenth-century works of Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cézanne.

Artur Kalinski does not dazzle his paintings with excessive eroticism. His works are sublime, full of understatements, so the viewer has the ability to interpret and create impressions with his own imagination. Images from the "BlueMotion" are best viewed with slightly subdued lighting to maintain a profound contrast between the background and the perfect black painted form, which allows the viewer to extract extraordinary depth from the works.

The artist’s previous works, ie. the collection of "Shadow and Light" under the title "Women shapes", are different from the new collection mainly in the use of colors. These previous works were painted with pure gold, which is very characteristic for Kalinski’s art.

Currently, the artist is working on a new collection. This time, he will apply a completely novel approach that combines the traditional form of the image with reliefs. It will be presented at the end of February of 2015.

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