Woman in the color "blue". New insights from Artur Kalinski

Written by  Press team of ArturKaliń K2_CITY Friday, 30 January 2015

Polish artist, photographer and performer, Artur Kalinski painted, in the collection "BlueMotion", his latest image entitled "She". It is a vision of the female body in a blue tone.

Artur Kalinski Bluemotion

The image size 70/200cm presents the profile of a women in the color blue. This time, the artist known for painting with pure gold, put the precious metal aside for a moment to use other colors and use them to create the form of a woman. As a result, the image has gained the impression of space and three- dimensional shapes as well as plasticity.

Artur Kalinski, creating his masterpiece, used only two colors - blue and white - thus bringing out the subtly feminine model. The fun color, specifically when painting the work "She", emphasizes feminine shapes, which are outlined with intense light.

The image does not contain controversial elements, but makes a subtle statement, giving the impression of mystery and uniqueness. This allows viewers to use their own imagination.

The artist’s previous works, ie. the collection "Shadow and Light" under the name "Women shapes" differed from the new collection mainly in color, because they were painted with pure gold, which is very characteristic of the works of Artur Kalinski.

Currently, the artist is working on a new collection of paintings, which again uses pure gold. However, in this new experiment, he will apply a completely novel approach that combines traditional form with elements of installation. The collection will debut at the beginning of February 2015.

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