Polish artist in defense of Russian art and freedom of expression!

Written by  Press team of ArturKaliń K2_CITY Thursday, 23 October 2014


In protest against the hypocrisy of the Russian government and the lack of freedom of expression in the Russian environment of art and culture, Polish artist Artur Kaliński painted a picture of the "Angel of Death" and handed him personally to a representative of the Russian Embassy in Poland. In his appeal, he called on the president of Russia to respect freedom of expression.


Painting-Angel-of-Death-author-Artur-Kalinski- I perform on behalf of, and in the defense of these Russian artists, who are unable to speak freely, make objective observations of the world and express them in their works. As an artist who strongly oppose the manipulation and deception of the public by the Russian authorities, I send this picture to the public in order to let not only President Putin, but the rest of the world know how we - the people of culture - perceive such activities, said Artur Kalinski.

In his painting Kalinski presents a vision of the potential effects of imperialist policy, which may affect not only the fate of the Russian people, but also the world. The image shows skeletons twisted in pain and skull patches spread on the ground, which are looking in horror at the ominous clouds enveloping the sky. It shows the face of the indifferent "angel of death", which can lead to the destruction of the world. This is the face of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

- The picture "Angel of Death" which I painted specially for President Putin, shows the concern of people around the world about their future, which arise not only from the conduct of Putin’s policies, but also the progressive alienation of Russia in the international arena. These skeletons and skulls symbolize all of us - citizens of the world, including the Russian Federation, and what will remain after us in a conflict, explains Kalinski.

In the means of expression, which Artur Kalinski uses in his works is gold. This time, the painting of "Angel of Death" symbolizes the highest values that man represents - the life and wealth of the soul, as well as the culture and civilization of the world. According to Kalinski, the Russian president seeks to destroy the world’s achievements and thus his performance can be compared to acts committed by dictators, including Hitler and Stalin.

- I appeal to you, Mr. President, not to act the same way like so called evils of the world, infamous dictators did, whom we remember to this day as symbols of violence and fanatism, Artur Kalinski said in his speech.

Despite that the painting "Angel of Death" was not taken by the Embassy of Russia, the artist declares further sustained efforts for the right to freedom of speech.

- I will fight with all available artistic means to stop this madness and make people aware of the danger of such a procedure. At a time when a large part of Russian artists have their hands tied and gagged his mouth, unable to express their views and openly criticize the Russian authorities, I express their opinion, says Artur Kalinski.

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